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“My company has been represented by Nathanson Hall, Lawyers over the last two years in matters related to real estate, tenancy issues and other general business issues.  I worked mainly with Ken Nathanson and Maria Hall.  Both of them provided excellent service and advice, communicated well and there were no surprises.  On a recent project they were particularly helpful mediating a delicate tenancy matter in relation to rent control.  The outcome was very satisfactory.  Ken is my go to person to clarify facts when it comes to aspect of real estate rules and regulations which is an area often full of conflicting information.”   – Simon Shorland, SAS AMERICAS, LLC

“My company has been represented by Nathanson Hall, Lawyers, Nathanson Law Center and Ken Nathanson over the last fifteen years, at least, in matters related to general business issues, including but not limited to, asset purchases, stock purchases, consulting and employment contracts, and human resources issues, as well as real estate matters involving construction and leasing.  Oak Paper Products Co,. Inc. and its numerous divisions and affiliates have worked with Ken Nathanson who has provided excellent service and advice, is always available to handle the tasks assigned.”  – David Weissberg, Acorn Paper Products Co, Chief Executive Officer